A new erotic romance series with a gritty military edge.  These selfless warriors dedicated to a higher purpose. No ordinary woman could love men like those who serve as shadow warriors in the military’s BlackOps community. Undying devotion to their country, and the women they love is spun throughout the stories of the men of the BlackOps Brotherhood. They save the world from unconscionable terror, and their women save them from lonely and sometimes desperate lives. Together these men and women share a love that stands the test of time. Take an erotic adventure into the home, hearts, and bedrooms of these men and woman. Travel with them to exotic and often dangerous locations that will take your breath away. Share their private explorations of love and sometimes dark forbidden desires.  This new exciting erotic romance series is bound to leave you wanting more…



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1NS Stand:  Knights of RED HORSE 1



Beautiful Nightmare
1Night Stand Series:  Knights of RED HORSE 2

Aaron Rosencrantz’s architectural firm is thriving—thanks to his brilliant and tough-as-nails COO, Natasha Rodriguez. But when Madame Eve sets up these two powerful personalities to come together at the Las Vegas Carnivore Club, which one will bend?  (more)…


What’s in store for the BlackOps Brotherhood next?  Book six and another special project is in the works. Check out the Scuttlebutt (more)…