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12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon Bestselling Authors.  In a world of erotic power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM. No is not a safeword, (more…)

A 1NS Erotic Romance


When Michael’s bosses set him up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, he finds his unattainable woman so near, yet so far. Can she forgive him for his treachery all those years ago? Can Michael protect Angel from things that go bump in the night? This last entry into the RED HORSE Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away…(more)

A Siren Erotic Romance


Navy SEAL Dan Gamez has one weakness, and her name is Agent Rio Jensen. They’re involved in dangerous work–and a complicated romance that could destroy them both. She’s the woman who can command his heart, but is she strong enough to heal his soul…and hers?   (more)…


What’s coming next?  Check out the latest scuttlebutt (more…)

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