A new style of weaving gritty military edged thrillers with erotic romance.  These stories blend today’s headlines into thought provoking, intricate plots interwoven with razor-sharp suspense, intrigue, and scorching, white-hot romance. Undying devotion to their country, and the women they love is spun throughout the stories. They save the world from unconscionable terror, and their women save them from lonely and sometimes desperate lives. Together these men and women share a love that stands the test of time. Take an erotic adventure into the home, hearts, and bedrooms of these characters. Travel with them to exotic and often dangerous locations that will take your breath away. Share their private explorations of love and sometimes dark forbidden desires.  These fresh and suspenseful erotic romance tales are bound to leave you wanting more…


Coming July 2015

A 1NS Erotic Romance

Combine one hot-tempered ginger RED HORSE combat engineer, a super model with a grudge that goes back to high school, add one haunted mansion, throw in a little of Madam Eve’s one night stand magic, and what do you get?  A hot scary mess waiting to be sorted out.  This last entry into the RED HORSE Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away…(more)

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A Siren Erotic Romance

Navy SEAL Dan Gamez has one weakness, and her name is Agent Rio Jensen. They’re involved in dangerous work–and a complicated romance that could destroy them both. She’s the woman who can command his heart, but is she strong enough to heal his soul…and hers?   (more)…

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