Saving Me - Knights of Red Horse 3 a 1NS

Michael Brannan has had enough of one night stands that go nowhere and leave him empty. After watching his heroes, Tom and Aaron, married and happy, he longs to learn the secret to their content, full lives. He yearns for a girl he left behind and who’s now out of his reach.

Angel Rivas has attained superstardom as a plus-sized model. But Angel’s success comes with a price—an unknown stalker who seems to have eyes into her most private moments is terrorizing her.

When Michael’s bosses set him up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, he finds his unattainable woman so near, yet so far. Can she forgive him for his treachery all those years ago? Can Michael protect Angel from things that go bump in the night? This last entry into the Red Horse Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away.














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Narrated by Audrey Lusk

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What Readers are saying about Saving Me


Oh, Bella, Bella, Bella…
You know what to write to make me a very happy woman. I loved everything about this book. It had everything…a gorgeous plus sized woman, a manly, masculine, but tender, man, a little danger, a little paranormal, and some VERY hot sex.

I don’t want to give away the plot because I think that people need to read this to get the full effect. Just know that the characters are well fleshed out for a book that has to move along quickly, and the whole story is beautifully written.

Just awesome!! <3


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